Looking to Give Your House a Spring Refresh? 3 Tips to Get Started from the Style Experts at Schwartz

At Schwartz Furniture, we know that furniture isn't just about function – it's about creating a home that infuses your personality and creates an environment that reflects your unique style.

Your house isn’t a showroom, so why would you want it to look like one? Our style experts at Schwartz came up with 3 easy tips to make your house your own!

Tip 1: Determine Your Aesthetic
Start by determining your preferred aesthetic, whether it's modern, contemporary, rustic, or eclectic. This will guide your choices and help create a cohesive look throughout your home that reflects who you are as a person.
Tip 2: Invest in Foundational Pieces
A comfortable sofa, a well-crafted dining table, or a cozy armchair can instantly enhance the ambiance of your home. Look for furniture that suits your needs in terms of size, comfort, and durability. If you’re really looking to make your space your own, we offer custom furniture options at all 4 Schwartz Furniture locations.
Tip 3: Infuse Personality with Thoughtful Décor
Once you have the furniture in place, it's time to infuse your home with personality through thoughtful décor and texture choices. Decorative elements, such as artwork, rugs, cushions and textiles play a vital role in making your space feel uniquely yours. These elements are also a great way to show off your personality through colours, patterns and textures.


We understand that designing your space can be overwhelming. With so many options available, it's hard to know where to start and what you will like. That's why we've simplified the process!

Our furniture and appliance experts have extensive knowledge of the products they sell. They are trained to provide personalized recommendations based on your specific preferences, making it easy to choose furniture that fits your style, space, and budget.

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