6 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Home This Spring!

In the winter, we tend to snuggle up in our homes. However, when spring hits we are excited for the warmer weather and want to break free from the cozy atmosphere. A part of that includes freshening up your home! We are pleased to share with you some easy and effective ways you can get started on transitioning this season.

Out With the Old


Before you begin cleaning or decorating, make sure to declutter and switch your winter items with your spring items. During the cold season, we all tend to drape chunky knit throws over our sofas and faux fur coverlets across the foot of our beds. Just like rotating your wardrobe from sweaters to blouses, you should you rotate your home linens.  

Air It Out


Open the windows and invite some fresh air into each room of your home. Keeping the windows open allows circulation to kick out the stagnant, germ-ridden, recycled air. We’re all guilty of leaving the windows dusty – this is also your time to give those windows a good wash! 

Bring the Outdoors Inside


Budding bulbs and floral scents are some of the most beautiful parts of the season. In spring, you have numerous options such as daffodils and tulips to add some colour and nice smelling aroma to your home. Flower Tip - buy a bouquet and separate the flowers into numerous vases around your home to spread out the scent and beauty!

Colourful Accents


For an easy, spring-ready fix for any room, you can mix textured throws with patterned pillows for added depth and colour. Colour can affect everyone’s mood and brighten up anyone’s day! 

New Perspective



Sometimes just moving the sofa and chairs gives your room a fresh look for spring. Take a look at each room and see what furniture shifts make sense. If you’re feeling crafty, maybe repaint some of your furniture or trim to brighten it up. An accent wall or front door colour can create the statement you need this season. 

Lighten Up Outdoor Spaces


Now’s your chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Add some new lighting to your deck, patio, or porch area to prepare it for some evening fun. If hardwired lighting and an electrician aren’t in your budget, try some accent lighting via flameless candles, which are safer to leave untended.

Thank you for following along with our tips on how you can freshen up your home this season. If you’d like to add some fun spring inspired furniture or accent pieces to your home, please visit us in store and we will be happy to work with you!